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1916 to 1896 Summer Olympic Games

Edwin Flack was the only competitor from the Australian colony at the 1896 Summer Games. Born in London, but he spent most of his life in Victoria which later formed part of Australia. The British Union Flag was used to represent the Australian colonies at the 1896 and 1900 Olympic Games.

The 1904 St Louis Summer Olympics was the first time Australian athletes competed for the Commonwealth of Australia. The birth of Australia at Federation occured in 1901.

Australian athletes have competed in every Summer Olympic Games.

  Host 1st 2nd 3rd     Host 1st 2nd 3rd
1916 Games cancelled   1904 United States  St Louis 0 3 1
1912 Sweden  Stockholm 2 2 3   1900 France  Paris 2 0 3
1908 United Kingdom  London 1 2 2   1896 Greece  Athens 2 0 0


  Sport Event Competitors
Cancelled due to WWI Originally awarded to Berlin Germany

1912 Stockholm Sweden

  Sport Event Competitors
1st Swimming 4x200m freestyle Australasian team 2
Cecil Healy, Leslie Boardman, Harold Hardwick, Malcolm Champion
1st Swimming Women's 100m freestyle Fanny Durac 2
2nd Swimming Women's 100m freestyle Wilhelmina Wylie 2
2nd Swimming Men's 100m freestyle Cecil Healy 2
3rd Swimming Men's 400m freestyle Harold Hardwick 2
3rd Swimming Men's 1500m freestyle Harold Hardwick 2
3rd Tennis Men's singles indoor Anthony Wilding

1908 London UK

  Sport Event Competitors
1st Rugby Men's tournament Australasian team 2
Sydney Middleton, Jack Hickey, Bob Craig, Christopher McKivat, Charles McMurtrie, Malcolm McArthur, Daniel Carroll, Arthur McCabe, Frank Smith, Phil Carmichael, Tom Richards, Charles Russell, Patrick McCue, Thomas Griffen, John Barnett
2nd Boxing Middleweight Reginald Baker 2
2nd Swimming 400m freestyle Frank Beaurepaire 2
3rd Swimming 1500m freestyle Frank Beaurepaire 2
3rd Athletics 3500m walk Harry Kerr 2

1904 St Louis USA

  Sport Event Competitors
2nd Swimming 220-yard freestyle Frank Gailey 1
2nd Swimming 440-yard freestyle Frank Gailey 1
2nd Swimming 880-yard freestyle Frank Gailey 1
3rd Swimming one-mile freestyle Frank Gailey 1

1900 Paris France

  Sport Event Competitors
1st Swimming 200m freestyle Frederick Lane
1st Swimming 200m obstacle event Frederick Lane
3rd Athletics 60m Stanley Rowley
3rd Athletics 100m Stanley Rowley
3rd Athletics 200m Stanley Rowley

1896 Athens Greece

  Sport Event Competitors
1st Athletics 800m Edwin Flack
1st Athletics 1500m Edwin Flack

 11904 St Louis Olympics ... Frank Gailey was born in Australia and in 1906 became a naturalized American citizen. The Australian Olympic Committee credits Australia for his 1904 medals since Gailey was still an Australian at the time he competed. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) disagrees.

 21908 London Olympics & 1912 Stockhold Olympics ... Australia competed as Australasia for these two Games. Australiasia was a combined team from Australia and New Zealand.

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