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1934 Commonwealth Games

(British Empire Games)

Opening Ceremony ... 4 Aug 1934 Host City ... London, England Closing Ceremony ... 11 Aug 1934
Participants ... 500 (aprox) athletes, 16 Commonwealth Nations

1934 Commonwealth GamesThe 1934 Games was originally planned to be held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Because of that country's Apartheid policy and the potential for a political crisis should the Games take place there, it was changed to London, England.

The 1934 Games is notable for expanding events for women athletes. The previous Games only allowed women to compete in swimming events.

Although this was a step forward, they still did not include events they considered ' too exhaustive'. Some Women's events were purposely shortened in length compared to the Men's, such as a 4 x 220 yard relay instead of 4 x 440 as the men run. Although women athletes were still restricted in their participation, it is considered a breakthrough for women leading, as we know, to full international recognition of Women's athletics.

The 1934 Games logo is a disc with the words "British Empire Games" written around the inside. The woman between the ornate columns inside holds a wreath up to the sky. Beneath her feet are the words "London 1934".

Top 10 Countries By Total Medals

Host country listed in bold, Australia in green.

Country Gold Medals Silver Medals Bronze Medals Total
6 Wales 0 3 3 6
7 New Zealand 1 0 2 5
8 Northern Ireland 0 1 2 5
9 Rhodesia 0 0 2 2
10 Jamaica 0 1 1 2
Country Gold Medals Silver Medals Bronze Medals Total
1 England 29 20 24 73
2 Canada 17 25 9 51
3 Scotland 5 4 17 26
4 South Africa 7 10 5 22
5 Australia 8 4 2 14

Participating Teams

Countries returning to the games were: Australia, Bermuda, British Guiana, Canada, England, New Zealand, Newfoundland, Scotland, South Africa, Wales. Competing for the first time were: Hong Kong, India, Irish Free State, Jamaica, Northern Ireland, Rhodesia, Trinidad & Tobago.


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