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Would You Dob in a Mate?

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By Valdoe

Stealing is a sad fact of life. In some ways, it's become so commonplace that people look the other way when they see it. I'm not here to talk about stealing. I'm here to talk about a particular type of thief.

Stealing at the Granville Train Disaster

Do you remember the Granville Train Disaster where a train hit a bridge and many people died. The press reported that some mongrels stole life saving equipment while rescuers went to the site to assess what was needed. On returning rescuers found essential equipment missing which delayed the rescue of trapped passengers. They had to radio in for more equipment and in some cases even had to purchase needed equipment.

How many lives were lost or put at risk because of the delay caused by these mongrels?

In another instance, again at Granville, police and volunteers searched for a missing child. When they returned to their vehicles, they found equipment and personal valuables stolen.

Hospital Break-in

The Nepean Hospital in NSW reported that some mongrels stole two computers overnight. They broke into one of the hospital's atomic laboratories which treats cancer patients. These computers held records of patient's treatment and research data to help find a cure for cancer and other diseases. These computers are useless to the thieves as they cannot be converted or used as personal PC's.

Fire Rescue Robbery

We hear reports over and over that rescue and volunteers bushfire vehicles are being broken into and needed equipment stolen. How can anyone steal knowing that these vehicles are used to help in emergencies? How can anyone steal knowing the equipment they take may result in the loss of people's lives?

Never Dob?

It's the Australian culture to never dob in a mate (meaning to squeal or report to authorities).

If you're like most Australians, you also think these people are mongrels. But if you knew the person who did this, would you report them to the police? Has this kind of thing become part of our culture? Would you dob in a mate?


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