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Are 'they' threatening our way of life?

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By Valdoe

Some will say this commentary is racist because I’m talking negatively about people from other cultures. I say, how can we fix things if we can’t discuss it openly and honestly?

When I migrated to Australia in 1957, I was called names that made it clear to everyone I was an outsider. Back then immigrants were called Wogs, Poms, Chinks and so on. However, as soon as I learnt the Australian way and behaved responsibly, I was accepted as an Australian. So I know what it feels like to be an immigrant and I’m very grateful to have my Australian citizenship.

The problem we have today is not with the law-abiding, responsible, productive immigrant ready to embrace a new way of life. Rather the problem is the immigrant who comes here, but doesn’t want to learn our ways and change to fit into our Australian culture.

Often they can’t speak English and make no attempt to learn it once they get here. As a result our government is spending millions printing forms, signs and brochures in multiple languages to accommodate them. Shouldn’t we insist that they have a basic knowledge of English before we allow them to migrate here?

Another, more serious problem that threatens to destroy our way of life is the violence and lawlessness that we’re being subjected to at an alarming rate.

Hatred, Religious and Racial Prejudice

Too many immigrants have brought their hatred and religious and racial prejudice to our country. The very problems they sought to leave behind are reappearing here. Having freedom of speech doesn’t give anyone the right to break the law and become violent.

I believe we should have a law or condition of entry stating that immigrants will be on a five year provisional period. If they commit a serious crime they should be deported without delay.

There are many reasons people come to Australia. Some come hoping for a better life with all the opportunities our country has to offer. For others, it’s sometimes to save their lives by fleeing a dangerous and oppressive homeland.

And Australia needs those immigrants. We have a small population for such a large country and we need to have more skilled people to compete in today’s marketplace.

Join Us or Go Home?

However, we have our own laws and our own unique culture. So if immigrants choose to make Australia their home, they must be the ones to adjust to fit into our society. As they say in other countries, if you don’t like our way of life, then GO HOME.


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