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Australian Country Music Entertainer - Slim Dusty

With over 5 million recordings sold in Australia,
Slim Dusty was the biggest selling Australian recording artist.

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Essentially Australian


  • Campfire Yarn
  • Old Men's Home
  • As Good As New
  • Since Then
  • Answer to the Old Rusty Bell
  • The Frog
  • Lead Me Down to the Stockyard
  • Shearing Shed Blues
  • Old Laddie
  • Scrap with a Buck Kangaroo
  • A Picture of Home
  • Over the Hill

Dinki Di Aussies


  • The Desert Lair
  • Return of the Stockman
  • The New Australian Bushman
  • A Rose of Red
  • The Man from Never Never
  • Little Old One Horse Pub
  • Road Trains
  • Brigalow Bill
  • Dinky Di Aussie
  • The Saddle Is His Home
  • This Chap Who Knows a Lot
  • So Long Old Mates

G'day G'day


  • G'day G'day
  • Good Old Feed of Flathead
  • Christmas, When I Was Big as You
  • A Girl from the Land
  • I Can Still Hear Dad Swearing
  • Breakaway
  • How's Your Memory?
  • Sittin' on the Old Front Veranda
  • The Johnsonville Dance
  • Bloody Bonzer Mate
  • The Boss
  • Up the Old Nulla Road

Slim Dusty - G'day G'day

Slim Dusty - Essentially Australian
Slim Dusty - Australiana
Slim Dusty - Dinki Di Aussies
Slim Dusty - Spirit of Australia



  • Grandfather Johnson
  • Clancy of the Overflow
  • The Lame Fiddler
  • A Squatter's Prayer
  • Henry Lawson
  • Drought Time
  • Stick to Him Bluey
  • Written Afterwards
  • The Bequest
  • The Pubs Still Make a Quid
  • A Drovers Life
  • Last of the Breed

Spirit of Australia


  • Spirit of Australia (Dedicated to Ken Warby)
  • Nineteen Eighties Bushman on the Move
  • Old Ivenhoe
  • Joe Maguire's Pub
  • Droving by Train
  • While the Damper Cooks
  • Give It a Go Mate
  • Harry the Breaker
  • Mountain Man's Girl
  • Family of Man
  • Westward Ho!
  • Losin' My Blues Tonight

Singer from Down Under


  • Singer from Down Under
  • Born with an Endless Thirst
  • You've Gotta Drink the Froth to Get the Beer
  • My Son's Guitar
  • The Ballad of Henry Holloway
  • Tonight the Woolshed Swings
  • Stringybark and Greenhide
  • Henry Lawson's Pen
  • They Drank and Drank and Drank
  • I'm Dusty All Over
  • Life's Ride
  • Travellers' Prayer

Slim Dusty - Singer from Down Under

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